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Branislau Adamavich Tarashkievich

(January 20, 1892 - November 29, 1938)
Belarusian philologist and political leader

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The following is primarily from the Historical Dictionary of Belarus (1998), (pages 202-03), as well as other sources:

 [ Book Cover: Gramatika dlya schkol, 1918 ] "Philologist and political leader in West Belarus who led the Belarusan parliamentary opposition in the Polish parliament. He graduated from Petrograd University and authored his popular, Belaruskaja hramatika dla shkol (Belarusian School Grammar) which greatly contributed to the standardization of the modern Belarusan written language and the spread of literacy, and continues to be an important Belarusian grammar reference." [N.B. The Belarusian School Grammar has been re-published many times, including in New York in 1992.]

"While working as a teacher, Tarashkievich engaged in political activity. In 1917, he was one of the leaders of the Belarusan Socialist Union. He served as director of the Belarusan High School in Vilnia (1921-1922) and was the founder of the Belarusan School Society."

(Note: In the preceding excerpt, terms in bold refer to other entries in the Historical Dictionary of Belarus. The Historical Dictionary of Belarus is an important summary of the history of Belarus.)

Article: Ministry of Culture Says It Lacks Funds to Turn Prominent Belarusian Linguist's House into Museum

    "The Ministry of Culture 'lacks financial resources to lend effective help' in turning Bronislav Tarashkevich's house in the town of Radoshkovichi near Minsk into a museum, says Deputy Minister of Culture Valery Gedroits' reply to a petition by the Francisak Skaryna Belarusian Language Society."

    "Mr. Gedroits points out that the idea to open a museum in the house where the author of the first Belarusian grammar lived between 1923 and 1931 emerged for the first time in the early 1990s. However, according to him, the building is still used as housing, and the local authorities have done nothing to change that."

[ Photograph: Branislau Tarashkievich ]

Photo Credit: Belaruskaya Mova: Entziklapediya, edited by Mikhevich, A. Ya., et. al. (1994); page 558.

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